My bio:

~ Aloha, Namaste & Shalom! My legal name is Nathan, known in many circles as Rahzekiel the Burning One, He of the Fiery Sword. I Am a Rainbow Warrior, a Spiritual Warrior of Virtue, a Brother of the Order of the Emerald Flame. I Am an Earth Incarnate Representative of the Free World Alliance (in association with the Universal Commonwealth Alliance). We are inter-galactic activists & freedom fighters. I can be contacted via e-mail at coe_w@fortlewis.edu --- but keep in mind that I am one of three people recieving e-mail at this address, so please address it to Nathan or Rahzekiel or whatever or simply title it "999" if it classifies as "sensitive" material. Thank you all. Blessings of Limitless Love and Living Light to One and All...

View of Sunset in my home town Durango, Colorado.

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