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The beautiful Dani.

The lovable country girl Dani.

The award winning smart Dani.

My little model Danielle.

Meet Danielle, the second born loved daughter of Kokopelli RBoots.

As you can see my second born beautiful daughter Danielle IS beautiful. And a package of sheer delight for me and her mother Darla. What you might not be able to see is that very active very intelligent and very talented mind. Dani has a zest for life not often seen and has more interest than her mother has time in her day to keep up with. Dani in far into the belt system for American Ta Kwon Do. She is into gymnastics a little and as a Brownie Scout continually wins sales drive contest for her county. She has a pet goat and two canine pets and her grandfather has a potato shotgun she gets a thrill from watching as he shoots it. I may someday explain what a potato shotgun is. Dani has a PC now and I hope soon comes on the net. She is not yet, so as such is not a member of SpiritWeb, but I want her here and soon I think she will be a Stonehenger.

As school let out this year she brought home her report card with its usual string of straight 'A's and excellent conduct and also brought home awards for Star Performer, Perfect Attendance, All A's Final Average, Highest Science Average, Highest Language Arts Average, Highest Spelling Average, Academic Recognition - Reading and Mathmatics, and missing only a single answer on the State Academic and Skills Test. To say I am proud of her and her accomplisments is to call a Florida alligator a lizzard. And I am not at all surprised at her beauty, talent and intelligence. She got it from her mother.

Richard RBoots

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