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On the balcony of the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon St. New Orleans.

Coaching Little League baseball, 1975.

On the deck of the Sun Princess Cruise Ship going to Alaska.

High school graduate, 1965.

At the Hermit's Rest at the Grand Canyon, south rim.

Thoughts And Beliefs And Blitherings

My belief is that of course we are not alone. Absolutely impossible that we would be. Just in the sheer size of the living cosmos is enough proof that we could not possibly be on the only celestial body with sentient life. The possible explanations of what and who are out there are as many as there are places out there. Were we capable of being out there too, and when we do get capable, we too will explore and study what we find. The disbelievers are just showing the blind arrogance of the unthinking. On the question of the visits of extraterrestrials here, I think they have already come. But if beings out there wish us harm and have now the ability to have traveled here, they certainly have the ability to have harmed us. Since they have not, it is likely that that is not their purpose. I don't fear them and it would serve no purpose to do so. It is also glaringly apparent that there are none there now who will 'save us'. We have nothing to be saved from. The cosmos is still unfolding and birthing as it has been for billions of years and likely to continue for billions more.

The religions of the world all have differences of belief or supposed belief, even in different groups of the same sects, but all have a thread or belief in common. That is that after meeting whatever criteria of the chosen faiths 'salvation' we will have eternal life in the presence of the Supreme Being and Creator. Think about that a little. Unless we are just the dream creatures of some other being, we do have life now and of course if there be a Creator we are in his/her/its presence. That leaves only the eternal question. I can not say I remember a past life but have some sense in me that says I have had. I have always had an instinctive belief in eternity. So for me the promise of all those religious groups has already been given and the gift recieved. To us a rose smells good and flesh under our hands feels heavenly and we can rejoice at the smell of new cut grass and melt at the grip of a baby's fist on our forefinger. We know the sheer unadulterated love of our own child in our arms and in our keep, and can find soul/spirit connections with each other in making music or dance or love. Our minds can create us a hell with all our fears and doubts and questions of 'why me' but if we look closely none of those hells are Creator made. We were given this life on this place that has roses and flesh and grass to cut and ears to hear music. Also on this place are hurricanes and earthquakes and thorns on the roses and grassburrs in the grass and viruses and bacteria that kills. They are not curses nor punishment for wrongs done but rather just natural things here as we are. If our Creator took away all the things that could cause us pain he likely would be forced to take away those things we treasure. This is just the real world we were given for this and perhaps many other lives. I kinda feel all those other places out there that will support this kind of existance are also ours to explore and those that life as we know it now can not exist may very well support us in another form. I have no anger at the Creator. In fact I find this place an incredible wonderful gift and I will experience all of it I can til I can't. When I can no longer survive here my body will become dust and I will become whatever I do. If it is a void then at least I will have been thankful for the gift of this one short but full life.

I get very wordy at times and like to hear the sounds of my own thinking, but here for your amusement or for food for thought are some of my thoughts. Be at peace if you can. It cost no more than not being and seems better to me.

Richard RBoots

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