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Is under

This was my screenshot I caught,
The next time I hit refresh,
it was gone!

Droch Faileas, a.k.a. Trin,
caught this one,
You might want to use IE to look, I couldn't get it to load in my netscape.
I didn't know Stonehenge could handle 93+(7)!



        It is with great pleasure that I make the  announcement that Darkblade has accepted ownership of the SWC Photo Gallery and all of it's contents therein. I had asked Darkblade 2 years ago this month if he would accept, and at the time, he could not. I asked him again (now two years later), and he has graciously accepted. I have a business, but I also will be working part-time and attending a university this Fall, so I feel it is necessary for the Gallery's growth, and for the members/future members of SWC, to not be delayed in having their pics posted in the Gallery. I also feel (as Rboots did) that Darkblade will do an excellent job of making the Gallery all that it should be! I also feel that Darkblade will manage it's contents with great care and foresight. ALSO, the Gallery will be temporarily closed for an undetermined, but short, period of time to be revamped with the new info and changes that have needed to be made. It will stay in it's current location in case, for any reason, Darkblade can no longer take ownership, and then it will be handed back to me. Any new, fantastic changes that occuronce the site is back up, will be due to Darkblade's wonderful talents!
            Congratulations Darkblade,
                                          the new SWC Photo Gallery Owner and Gallery Master.------

This is just a temperary page,
so that everyone can look at the pictures!
I am currently redoing pages so you might come across some broken pictures.
Not to worry! Everything will be corrected and more SWC like when I am done:)
I am sorry it has taken so long! I have been very very busy! And I still am,
But, some spirit seems to be pestering me to get something done....
Gee, I wonder who that could be???
The new pictures have NOT been added yet!
Enjoy the old at least!


Section A:
Adonis, agapi, Airdnexela, Alien, Amazaz, AmethystStar, Angelique, AngelWings, Ankh, Aset, AZ-Aset Family, AshtarRose, Awenydd, Axl.

Section B:
beatrice, Beorc, bggiri, Bindy, bjaysangel, Blinder, Bliss, Boots & Acorna, bt, BurningOne, buttonpusher.

Section C:
Caleb, CandyWoo, Carnage, Cassandra, CDL-Gunslinger & Family, Charmed, Christy, Chuey, Cinderelli-Gabriella, CRE, Creativlit.

Section D:
Dancer, Danielle, Darkblade & Sphyx, Destiny, Dragonfire12.

Section E:
eddie, Elevaphoenix & spirithawk, Elijah, Elizu, Ellspeth, Erika, Evelinde.

Section F:
FireEagle & Tobie Dog, Firststeps, FlyingStag, FRAML, Froggy, FrozenMoon, FunnyBunny.

Section G:
GaryClark, GateKeeper, Gibrani, GRUNTAL.

Section H:
Herod, Hierophant.

Section I:
ian IWander.

Section J:
Janie, JimA, JJ. Joyboy, Juminar, Juz.

Section K:
KAB, Kabbalah, KemoKae, Knowsis, Kynlil.

Section L:
LadyHarmony, LadyLucero, Lama Tsering, Lani & BlueBear, Laotzu, LEGS, LeStree, Lianna, LightAvatar, Linus & Alexa, LittleMama, Lord Merc, Lorianne, Love Wombat, LSeeker, Lyra & Manas.

Section M:
Madman-Ghost, Mars, Me23, Meyanu, Minstrel & WhiteRavyn, Moonluv, MrToad.

Section N:
Nata, Nevren & HoneyB817.

Section O:
OceanBreeze, OoutRider, Order, Ornah, Othin.

Section P:
Parcelvx & Analyzah pBobby Peachbird PeteMan, phillipo, Philosopher, Piano, Poggus, Pretam PureReason.

Section Q:

Section R:
Ragnar, Rainbowrisin & Kitten, RainFall, Ravanne & StarDragon, Raven & Antanae, Rboots, RedOwl, RichardKula a.k.a DerekLamar, robert, RuneMaker.

Section S:
Sammael, sazza, SeaGoat, Seaker, SekhKitaDel, Selki, Shana, Shiana, SilentVision, SkyBlue & Family, Solo, Sophia, SoulRescuer, NaomiSquirrel, Starfyre, Star-X, Stormy-b, Sunbeam, sunpoet.

Section T:
Tahuti & Syncronicity, Tajah, Starkat a.k.a. takrats, Terry, Tess, theoldman, TheRipper & RipperAngel, Thoreau, tori, Tristien a.k.a ashwe,

Section U:


Section V:

Section W:
WakingDream, WeaveWalker, WhisperingWind, whtknight, WildFire, WillieTwoHawks, Wolfeye, Wonder4L, WoundedBear.

Section X:


Section Y:

Section Z:
Zendi, ZetaEyes

Over the next few months I will be working on a lot on the new format and pictures.
Hopefully, it won't be to long before the SWC Gallery is up and running again!
understand that these things take some time.
All of your pictures are safe with me!
As soon as the changes are made and I am happy with what I have done,
I will contact you to inform you of the sites re-opening.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Many Thanks to Juminar and RBoots!
The service and hard work that you have done for all of us at SWC
will not go unforgotten or un-noticed!

I hope that when I re-open The SWC Gallery,
you will be proud!