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The SWC Photo Gallery




Jummy'S House

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Welcome to the Spiritual Web Chat "SWC" Photo Gallery. This Gallery was created by Judy a.k.a Juminar/Jummy and Richard Kizer a.k.a. RBoots in the Spirit Web Chat (Richard was also known as Kokopelli on the web).

This Gallery is dedicated to Richard Kizer (Rboots/Kokopelli), who passed on recently. His work/dedication/time to this gallery is well noted by many, especially me, Juminar. A wonderful man loved by all who knew his presence!

The story of Juminar/Rboots/SWC Gallery


Please look at this list of members. Some photos were lost in the shuffle. If you're one of these members, please re-send: MISSING PICTURES

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There will be ongoing additions and changes to the gallery, so please check back often! I hope to have a site we all can enjoy and be proud to be part of. From Juminar (and Rboots);
Welcome to the SWC Photo Gallery!

For those who might still like to use a mini-chat, I have a page for...


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Section #:

Section A:
Adonis, agapi, Airdnexela, Alien, Amazaz, AmethystStar, Angelique, AngelWings, Ankh, Aset, AZ-Aset Family, AshtarRose, Awenydd, Axl.

Section B:
beatrice, Beorc, bggiri, Bindy, bjaysangel, Blinder, Bliss, Boots & Acorna, bt, BurningOne, buttonpusher.

Section C:
Caleb, CandyWoo, Carnage, Cassandra, CDL-Gunslinger & Family, Charmed, Christy, Chuey, Cinderelli-Gabriella, CRE, Creativlit.

Section D:
Dancer, Danielle, Darkblade & Sphyx, Destiny, Dragonfire12.

Section E:
eddie, Elevaphoenix & spirithawk, Elijah, Elizu, Ellspeth, Erika, Evelinde.

Section F:
FireEagle & Tobie Dog, Firststeps, FlyingStag, FRAML, Froggy, FrozenMoon, FunnyBunny.

Section G:
GaryClark, GateKeeper, Gibrani, GRUNTAL.

Section H:
Herod, Hierophant.

Section I:
ian IWander.

Section J:
Janie, JimA, JJ. Joyboy, Juminar, Juz.

Section K:
KAB, Kabbalah, KemoKae, Knowsis, Kynlil.

Section L:
LadyHarmony, LadyLucero, Lama Tsering, Lani & BlueBear, Laotzu, LEGS, LeStree, Lianna, LightAvatar, Linus & Alexa, LittleMama, Lord Merc, Lorianne, Love Wombat, LSeeker, Lyra & Manas.

Section M:
Madman-Ghost, Mars, Me23, Meyanu, Minstrel & WhiteRavyn, Moonluv, MrToad.

Section N:
Nata, Nevren & HoneyB817.

Section O:
OceanBreeze, OoutRider, Order, Ornah, Othin.

Section P:
Parcelvx & Analyzah pBobby Peachbird PeteMan, phillipo, Philosopher, Piano, Poggus, Pretam PureReason.

Section Q:

Section R:
Ragnar, Rainbowrisin & Kitten, RainFall, Ravanne & StarDragon, Raven & Antanae, Rboots, RedOwl, RichardKula a.k.a DerekLamar, robert, RuneMaker.

Section S:
Sammael, sazza, SeaGoat, Seaker, SekhKitaDel, Selki, Shana, Shiana, SilentVision, SkyBlue & Family, Solo, Sophia, SoulRescuer, NaomiSquirrel, Starfyre, Star-X, Stormy-b, Sunbeam, sunpoet.

Section T:
Tahuti & Syncronicity, Tajah, Starkat a.k.a. takrats, Terry, Tess, theoldman, TheRipper & RipperAngel, Thoreau, tori, Tristien a.k.a ashwe,

Section U:


Section V:

Section W:
WakingDream, WeaveWalker, WhisperingWind, whtknight, WildFire, WillieTwoHawks, Wolfeye, Wonder4L, WoundedBear.

Section X:


Section Y:

Section Z:
Zendi, ZetaEyes.


To have your photos and Favorite/Home URLs and/or quotes/bios added to the gallery, please send them to:
What you can have on your page is fairly open as far as text, but I would like to limit to 4 photos to have the pages open quickly, and to save room for other members. The e-mail logos below will take you directly to my mail or the Gallery's Hotmail. Please feel free to join!!!

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